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The difference between acrylic extrusion sheet and cast acrylic sheet

Oct 20,/2022

1. High transparency. The edge of the cast acrylic sheet is not the point of the blade, the edge of cast acrylic sheet is very transparent and smooth. In this way, ordinary cast acrylic sheet is covered with plastic in the production process around the plate. The transparency of cast acrylic sheet is higher than that of acrylic extrusion sheet.
2. Cast acrylic sheet has its unique advantages and disadvantages in the production process of acrylic sheet. Cast acrylic sheet support 1.83 m * 1.22 m and 2.44 m * 1.22 m, with the increase of acrylic crafts casting slab thickness, casting plate made of acrylic crafts (2 mm + / – 0.5 mm, 4 mm + / – 0.6 mm, 5 mm + / – 0.7 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm, 7 mm, Greater tolerance for thickness above 8mm.
3. The smell of laser cutting: The acrylic extrusion sheet is basically made of recycled materials, the cutting becomes more unpleasant, especially with the pigment plate and its sandwich plate, the smoke is relatively large. Cast acrylic sheet is with new material, whether it smells or smokes, the poured plate squeezes the board much less.
4. Cast acrylic sheet in the process of processing does not show holes.
5. From the plate: acrylic extrusion sheet surface will have a slight trachoma. If the hole is like a concave surface, the blackboard will be obvious, but the pouring plate will show the tattoo status.
7. Hand beating cast acrylic sheet will produce a knock sound, which is different from PS board and PC board.
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