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High quality cast acrylic sheets manufacturer-Jumei Acrylic

May 28,/2022

Our factory is located in Yushan Industrial Zone Shangrao City, Jiangxi province. The factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, the year productivity reaches 20000 tons.The company introduces the world’s leading level of casting acrylic automation production lines, and use 100% pure virgin raw material to ensure the best quality. The company has decades’ history engaging in the acrylic industry, and has a professional R&D team. Our factory production all conform to international standard ISO 9001, CE and SGS.


Our top-grade cast acrylic sheets made from only 100% virgin raw material. All acrylic sheets are UV coated, guarantee sheets not yellow when using outside, can use outdoor for 8-10 years. No smell when cut them by laser or CNC machine, easily bendable and formable. Protective paper are imported from Malaysia, thicker durable and easy to laminate, easily to remove, no glue left. Best thickness tolerance and sufficient thickness.

Our highest quality acrylic sheets have excellent clarity, weatherability and high strength. They can be thermoformed, cut, drilled, bent, machined, engraved, polished and glued. They can be applied to signage and advertising/medical/acrylicbarrier/equipment/sanitaryware/architecture/interior design and furniture/automotive/recreation/office stationery/acrylic jewelry and so on.


If you are looking for cast acrylic sheets manufacturer. Jumei-Acrylic is your best choice.