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Acrylic sheet production processes.

Oct 20,/2022

From the humble and little-known MMA to the various shapes and shapes that decorate every piece of acrylic sheet in the world.
The heart has its own obsession. If you want to change your form, you can only be reborn after a great deal of refinement and refinement. But even so suffering, a trace of slack, will still let defects secretly emerge, no matter how much pay into regret. So, a qualified acrylic plate, how to make it? It is the ideal of every acrylic sheet to transform from insignificant MMA to the sheet that adorns the world.
Acrylic sheet production, including raw material preparation, ingenuity casting production line technology, warehousing, storage and other throughout more than ten processes. Behind each process, there are full of Jumei’s strict control of technology and details, and the diligent pursuit of ingenuity and “intelligent manufacturing”. Modern automatic production line, professional R & D team, leading manufacturing technology, green factory environment, advanced management level, outstanding corporate culture, excellent staff……Will comprehensively help Jumei accelerate forward; In the future, Jumei will be more powerful brand strength, more high-quality and stable product quality, so that products, art, green, intelligent manufacturing perfect integration, further consolidate the road of high-quality development.
Jumei Acrylic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Yushan Industrial Zone Shangrao City, Jiangxi province. The factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, the year productivity reaches 20000 tons. The company introduces the world’s leading level of casting acrylic automation production lines, and use 100% pure virgin raw material to ensure the best quality. The company has decades’ history engaging in the acrylic industry, and has a professional R&D team. Our factory production all conform to international standard ISO 9001, CE and SGS.