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A brief introduction to acrylic sheets

Sep 26,/2022

The utilization rate of acrylic sheets will not reach 100%, after opening processing will be left with some scraps, etc., these scraps or after recycling into the factory again after decomposition processing into acrylic sheet, known as joint venture board or recycling sheet. The quality of the recycling acrylic sheet are very different from that of the new material, for example, it cannot be bent or polished.
Acrylic sheets is a kind of plastic products, so the temperature has a great impact on it, such as when cutting if the local temperature is too high will cause plate melting and sticking knife. The maximum operating temperature should not be higher than 90 degrees. Reach about 113℃ will soften, temperature slightly above 270℃ acrylic will decompose.
General acrylic sheets can be used in the process of carving, cutting, bonding, polishing, screen printing, bending, trimming, sandblasting, heat transfer, blister, etc.
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